But Not for Me (Paramount 1959, Clark Gable, Carroll Baker)

But Not For Me 1959 Clark Gable

In But Not for Me an over-the-hill Broadway producer gets a new lease on life when he becomes the object of a much younger woman’s desire. Based on the play “Accent on Life,” this comedy chronicles Clark Gable’s problems as he tries to convince financiers who think age has dampened his creative spark to put up money for his new production. Soon art is imitating life when he gives his Lolita-esque secretary the starring role in a play about a girl who falls in love with an older man.

But Not for Me is the third filming of Samson Raphaelson’s “Accent on Youth,” following Accent on Youth (1935) and Mr. Music (1950). Raphaelson saw similar success with a play that later became The Jazz Singer (1927, 1952, 1980).

Cast: Clark Gable, Carroll Baker, Lilli Palmer, Lee J Cobb, Barry Coe, ThomasGomez

Director: Walter Lang
Producers: William Perlberg, George Seaton
Original Story: Samson Raphaelson
Director of Photography: Robert Burks
Editor: Alma Macrorie
Composer: Leith Stevens
Screenwriter: John Michael Hayes

USA / Paramount / 105 minutes / 1959

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