Under Capricorn (Warner 1949, Joseph Cotten, Ingrid Bergman)

Under Capricorn

Under Capricorn is a rare costume melodrama from Hitchcock. Joseph Cotten has been transported to Australia for killing wife Ingrid Bergman’s brother. She follows him, and he becomes a wealthy landowner but socially isolated because of his violent history. Bergman begins to drink and Margaret Leighton takes the opportunity to inveigle her way into Cotten’s household.

When Bergman’s cousin Michael Wilding arrives from Ireland and discovers her degraded condition, he does his best to cheer her–and falls in love with her. Leighton seizes the chance to solidify her position, which leads to a deadly showdown and shocking revelations.

Definitely a less successful curiosity in Hitchcock’s career.

Hitch, known for cameos in his own films, appears on the steps of the government house about 15 minutes into the film.

Under Capricorn

Cast: Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten, Margaret Leighton, Denis O’Dea, Cecil Parker, John Ruddock, Bill Shine, Jack Watling, Michael Wilding, Harcourt Williams

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Producers: Sidney Lewis Bernstein, Alfred Hitchcock
Directors of Photography: Paul Beeson, Jack Cardiff, Ian Craig, Jack Haste, David McNeilly
Editor: Bert Bates
Composer: Richard Addinsell
Screenwriters: James Bridie, Hume Cronyn
Production Designer: Tom Morahan

USA / Warner Bros. / 117 minutes / 1949

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