Carry On Up The Khyber (Anglo Amalgamated 1968, Sid James, Roy Castle)

Carry On Up The Khyber

Classic Carry On fun with the core team of regulars from stalwart director Thomas with SID JAMES in charge of a British outpost in the Khyber Pass comprising a motley kilted crew of the Third Foot and Mouth regiment. But when the Khasi of Kalabar (KENNETH WILLIAMS) has other ideas and wants the British devils dead but his troops fear what they may or may not have under their “skirts”, but when one is seen wearing underpants the fate of the British in India is at stake as the scene is set for more groan-inducing jokes.

Shot in the glamorous surrounds of Snowdonia the laughs are as cheap and plentiful as one would hope for that come faster than a Gattling-gun to make this one of the superior additions to the Carry On series.

UK / Anglo Amalgamated / 90 minutes / 1968

Writer: Talbot Rothwell / Producer: Peter Rogers / Director: Gerald Thomas

Cast: Sid James; Kenneth Williams; Charles Hawtrey; Joan Sims Roy Castle; Terry Scott

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