Carry On Matron (1972 with Sid James and Kenneth Williams)

UK / 1972

Dir: Gerald Thomas
Writer: Talbot Rothwell

Cast: Barbara Windsor, Sid James, Kenneth Cope, Bernard Bresslaw, Kenneth Connor, Jack Douglas, Derek Francis, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Sid James, Bill Kenwright, Valerie Leon, Bill Maynard

Known also as: From Here to Maternity, Womb at the Top, Familiarity Breeds and Preggar’s Opera, Carry On Matron marked the end of the medical shennanigans of the Carry On team.

The story is as ephemeral here as it is in most Carry On movies: Sid James has a plan to sell the Pill to foreign countries. However, he has to send his son Kenneth Cope into a maternity hospital to keep an eye on the stocks of the Pill. However, to do this, he has to drag up as a nurse – unfortunately, he meets and falls in love with Barbara Windsor. As this is going on, Kenneth Williams is a hypochondreac who believes that his feminine side is coming to the fore too much. He seeks the advice of Charles Hawtrey, a doctor who advises him to drag out his masculinity by hook or by crook by pursuing the hospital’s matron, Hattie Jacques, a woman initially with the frosty demeanour of the iceberg that took on the Titanic.

With lines such as “Doctor, your mail”, “Yes! And I can prove it, too!”, the script leaves no entendre unbawded. Regarded by many of the fans as one of the better Carry On films, expert Carry Onistes have pointed to the seduction scene between Williams and Jacques as one of the funniest scene in the whole Carry On canon.

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