Casbah (Universal 1948, Yvonne De Carlo, Tony Martin)


The third time around for this remake of Algiers, this time with songs by Harold Arlen. The Casbah is the eye of a romantic and criminal hurricane, the hideout of Pepe Le Moko (Tony Martin), pursued by detective Peter Lorre. De Carlo loves Martin, but he’s after Marta Toren.

Lorre sees an opening to bag Martin and uses Toren as an unwitting dupe to lure the criminal out of hiding and into a trap at Algiers airport.

One of the uncredited performers who appears in Casbahis a very young Eartha Kitt.

Yvonne De Carlo as Inez
Tony Martin as Pepe Le Moko
Peter Lorre as Slimane
Märta Torén as Gaby
Hugo Haas as Omar
Thomas Gomez as Louvain
Douglas Dick as Carlo
Katherine Dunham as Odette
Herbert Rudley as Claude
Gene Walker as Roland
Curt Conway as Maurice
Hans Schumm as Willem
Barry Bernard as Max
Virginia Gregg as Madeline
Will Lee as Beggar

crew details
Director: John Berry
Screenplay: L. Bus-Fekete, Arnold Manoff
Producers: Eric Charell, Nat. C. Goldstone
Director of Photography: Irving Glassberg
Editor: Edward Curtiss
Composers: Harold Arlen, Leo Robin, Walter Scharf
Costume Designer: Yvonne Wood
Special Effects: David Horsley
Choreographer: Bernard Pearce

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Universal
Year of Release: 1948
Duration: 94 minutes

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