To Catch a Thief (Paramount 1955, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly)

To Catch A Thief

“Hitchcock Lite” describes To Catch A Thief and it’s detour into comedy-suspense. Cary Grant plays a (supposedly) retired jewel thief who finds himself once again under suspicion when a rash of jewel heists hits the aristocrats of Cannes. He woos elegant American heiress Grace Kelly, and, as she tempts him with her jewelry and her charms, they pursue the thief to clear Grant’s name. Famously sexy, with swirling kisses, fireworks, and come-hither dialogue.

Future director Francois Truffaut, who would publish a landmark 1966 interview book with Alfred Hitchcock, first met the master in 1955 at the Saint-Maurice studios in France during post-production of To Catch a Thief.

To Catch A Thief

Academy Award Nominations: 3, including Best Costume Design.

Cast: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Georgette Anys, Brigitte Auber, Jessie Royce Landis, Charles Vanel, John Williams

Producer and Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Director of Photography: Robert Burks
Editor: George Tomasini
Composer: Lyn Murray
Screenwriter: John Michael Hayes
Production Designer: J. McMillan Johnson
Costume Designer: Edith Head
Art Director: Hal Pereira

USA / Paramount / 103 minutes / 1955

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