Chance Of A Lifetime (1950, Kenneth More, Bernard Miles)

Chance of a Lifetime

In Chance Of A Lifetime when industrialist Dickinson (Basil Radfrod) sacks a worker and has a strike on his hands, he remarks that he would willingly change places with the workers. They take him at his word and he rents them the factory.

Employees Stevens (Bernard Miles) and Morris (Julien Mitchell) are appointed managers by their fellow workers and win a large foreign order for a new plough. But when the order is almost completed, it is cancelled due to the dollar shortage and the workers’ management has to dispose of a large number of modified ploughs…

The film was not a commercial success in spite of excellent reviews, particularly from the Evening Standard : “The story this film has to tell is as significant and urgent as today’s dock strike… As a skilful piece of filming it is well above average and it has brilliantly evoked the authentic atmosphere of an English factory…”

UK / Pilgrim Pictures / 93 minutes / 1950 black and white

Writers: Bernard Miles, Walter Greenwood / Cinematography: Eric Cross / Producer: Bernard Miles / Directors: Bernard Miles, Alan Osbiston

Cast: Bernard Miles, Basil Radford, Niall MacGinnis, Geoffrey Keen, Julien Mitchell, Josephine Watson, Kenneth More, John Harvey, Hattie Jacques,

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