Cloak and Dagger (Warner Bros 1946, Gary Cooper, Lilli Palmer)

Cloak and Dagger 1946 Gary Cooper Lilli Palmer

In Cloak and Dagger an American scientist goes undercover for the O.S.S. in Fritz Lang’s WWII tale of romance and espionage. Professor Alva Jesper travels through Switzerland and Italy to free a colleague who has been kidnapped by the Nazis and is being forced to construct an atomic bomb. While pursuing his spy duties, the American falls in love with the lovely Italian partisan who has been brought in to help him on his mission.

German-born actress Lilli Palmer made her American debut in Cloak and Dagger. Before arriving in Hollywood, she had made more than 15 films in England including Alfred Hitchcock’s Secret Agent (1936).

The moment he fell in love was his moment of greatest danger.

Cast: Gary Cooper, Lilii Palmer, Robert Alda, Vladimir Sokoloff, J. Edward Bromberg, Ludwig Stossel, Helene Thimig, Marc Lawrence

Director: Fritz Lang
Producer: Milton Sperling
Director of Photography: Sol Polito
Editor: Christian Nyby
Composer: Max Steiner
Screenwriters: Ring Lardner, Albert Maltz
Production Designer: Max Parker

USA / Warner Bros. / 106 minutes / 1946

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