Confidential Agent (Warner 1945, Charles Boyer, Lauren Bacall)

Confidential Agent

In Confidential Agent a famous concert pianist in ’30s Spain travels to London to purchase a consignment of coal for the Loyalist struggle and prevent the Nazis from getting their hands on it. There he meets the beautiful Bacall and falls in love with her.

Confidential Agent was Lauren Bacall’s second appearance on screen following her debut in To Have and To Have Not (1944). It was actually her third film, but the release of Howard Hawks’s The Big Sleep was held up for more than a year.

Charles Boyer as Luis Denard
Lauren Bacall as Rose Cullen
Victor Francen as Licata
Wanda Hendrix as Else
George Coulouris as Captain Currie
Peter Lorre as Contreras
Katina Paxinou as Mrs. Melandez
John Warburton as Neil Forbes
Holmes Herbert as Lord Benditch
Dan Seymour as Mr. Muckerji
Art Foster as Chauffeur
Miles Mander as Mr. Brigstock
Lawrence Grant as Lord Fetting
Ian Wolfe as Dr. Bellows
George Zucco as Detective Geddes

crew details
Director: Herman Shumlin
Original Story: Graham Greene
Producer: Robert Buckner
Director of Photography: James Wong Howe
Editor: George Amy
Composer: Franz Waxman
Production Designer: Leo K. Kuter

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Warner
Year of Release: 1945
Duration: 118 minutes

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