Congo Crossing (Universal 1956, George Nader, Virginia Mayo)

Congo Crossing

In Congo Crossing Congotanga, a tiny African country with no extradition laws, is the perfect refuge for a group of criminals fleeing prison in the United States. When a brave surveyor (George Nader) sets out to prove that the country is actually part of the Belgian Congo, the toughs decide to strike back before they lose their sanctuary.

Excellent performances by Nader, along with Virginia Mayo as the accused murderer he falls for and Peter Lorre as Congotanga’s charmingly corrupt chief of police, make this an entertaining and exotic adventure yarn.

Rex Ingram, the African-American character actor who plays a doctor in the movie, was actually trained as a doctor–he held a medical degree and was the first black member of the academically elite Phi Beta Kappa.

Virginia Mayo as Louise Whitman
George Nader as David Carr
Peter Lorre as Colonel John Miguel Orlando Arragas
Michael Pate as Bart O’Connell
Rex Ingram as Dr. Leopold Gorman
Tonio Selwart as Carl Rittner
Kathryn Givney as Amelia Abbott
Tudor Owen as Emile Zorfus
Raymond Bailey as Peter Mannering
George Ramsey as Miguel Diniz
Maurice Doner as Marquette
Bernie Hamilton as Pompala
Harold Dyrenforth as Steiner

crew details
Director: Joseph Pevney
Screenplay: Richard Alan Simmons
Original Story: Houston Branch
Producer: Howard Christie
Director of Photography: Russell Metty

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Universal
Year of Release: 1956
Duration: 85 minutes

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