Courtneys Of Curzon Street, The (British Lion 1947, Anna Neagle, Michael Wilding)

Courtneys of Curzon Street

In The Courtneys Of Curzon Street aristocratic Guards Officer Michael Wilding marries his mother’s maid Anna Neagle in spite of his mother Gladys Young’s opposition. But Neagle is ostracised by Victorian society and, afraid of ruining her husband’s military career, she runs away to Ireland where their son is born. To support herself and the boy she goes on the stage under an assumed name and becomes a success. When she is entertaining the troops in France in 1914 she and Wilding meet again, resuming their married life, and Wilding sees his son for the first time.

The film follows the family saga through the lives of the couple, their son (who marries an aristocratic girl but is killed) and their grandson who, in 1944, marries a factory worker…

The Monthly Film Bulletin said ‘The dignity of Curzon Street is Hollywoodized, and it is rare in 1945 that people in their sixties look as though they have one foot in the grave.’

Courtney's of Curzon Street

US titles: The Courtney Affair, Kathy’s Love Affair

Anna Neagle as Kate O’Halloran
Michael Wilding as Sir Edward Courtney
Gladys Young as Lady Courtney
Daphne Slater as Cynthia Carmody
Jack Watling as Teddy Courtney
Michael Medwin as Edward Courtney
Edgar Norfolk as Mr. W.
G.H. Mulcaster as Sir Edward Courtney Sr.
Coral Browne as Valerie
Alice Gachet as Louise
Helen Cherry as Mary Courtney
Ethel O’Shea as Mrs. O’Halloran
Terry Randall as Pam
Thora Hird as Maud
Nicholas Phipps as Phipps

crew details
Writer: Nicholas Phipps
Novel: Florence Tranter
Cinematography: Max Greene
Producer and Director: Herbert Wilcox

production details
Country: UK
Studio: British Lion
Year of Release: 1947
Duration: 120 minutes

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