Endless Night (EMI 1972, Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett)

Endless Night

Based on one of Agatha Christie’s lesser known novels but with that classic early seventies Hammer Horror style feel Endless Night is a genuine thriller. Hywel Bennet plays Michael Rogers a chauffeur and dreamer who wants nothing more than to have enough money to build his dream home on a plot of land called Gypsy’s Acre.

By chance he meets the beautiful and rich Ellie (Hayley Mills) – they fall in love and quickly marry and build their ultra modern home in the middle of Gypsy’s Acre, things are going swimmingly until a local old lady warns them of a curse, soon strange things are happening and death is soon to be on the agenda.

There’s a genuine air of menace present with Endless Night and there is a great little freakish twist ending. Bennett is the centre of the movie but there are some well known faces who pop up from the ageing but still debonair George Sanders as Ellie’s lawyer and Britt Ekland playing to type as the stern but sexy Greta, companion to Ellie.

Endless Night

Britt Ekland as Greta.

Cast: Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett, Britt Ekland, George Sanders, Per Oscarsson, Aubrey Richards, Lois Maxwell, Ann Way, Patience Collier, Leo Genn, Peter Bowles, David Bauer, Helen Horton, Madge Ryan

Writer and Director: Sidney Gilliat
Novel: Agatha Christie
Director of Photography: Harry Waxman
Music: Bernard Herrmann

Production Companies: BL, EMI
Release Date: 1 September 1972
Running Time: 99 minutes
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Country: United Kingdom
Tagline: Victim… or killer?

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