My Favorite Brunette (Paramount 1947, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour)

My Favorite Brunette

My Favorite Brunette was another vehicle for Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour: he plays a baby photographer, she is a baroness looking for a missing husband. Along the way there are run-ins with a horde of international criminals led by Lorre, a quest for a hidden map, and two classic cameo appearances. One of 15 films Hope made with Lamour.

Clarence Muse, who appears uncredited as a death row inmate held a law degree and was a member of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.

Bob Hope as Ronnie Jackson
Dorothy Lamour as Carlotta Montay
Peter Lorre as Kismet
Lon Chaney Jr. as Willie
John Hoyt as Dr. Lundau
Charles Dingle as Major Simon Montague
Reginald Denny as James Collins
Frank Puglia as Baron Montay
Ann Doran as Miss Rogers
Willard Robertson as Prison Warden
Jack La Rue as Tony
Charles Arnt as Crawford

crew details
Director: Elliott Nugent
Screenplay: Edmund Beloin, Jack Rose

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Paramount
Year of Release: 1947
Duration: 87 minutes

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