On The Fiddle (Coronado 1961, Sean Connery, Alfred Lynch)

On The Fiddle

Set during the Second World War, comedy On The Fiddle features sharp-witted unscrupulous wide-boy Horace Pope (Alfred Lynch) and amiable slow-witted gypsy, Pedlar Pascoe (Sean Connery) as two RAF recruits. Horace sees the service life as an ideal way of making a quick buck and he cons the unsuspecting Pedlar into going along with him as an accomplice. The two recruits get involved in every conceivable racket: handling leave-passes, postings, service rations and even reviving a village inn in order to fleece the local American troops. Eventually Horace outsmarts himself and the two find themselves in France as unlikely war heroes.

Variety thought Lynch and Connery (in an early role) “very acceptable new recruits to British pix”, and praised Eleanor Summerfield as a sex-starved WAAF officer, Stanly Holloway as a butcher and Alan King as an American sergeant. On the Fiddle was called Operation Snafu in the United States, and was later re-titled Operation Warhead .

Alfred Lynch as Horace Pope
Sean Connery as Pedlar Pascoe
Victor Maddern as 1st Airman
Harry Locke as Huxtable
John Le Mesurier as Hixon
Eric Barker as Doctor
Viola Keats as Sister
Peter Sinclair as Mr. Pope
Edna Morris as Lil
Thomas Heathcote as Sergeant
Brian Weske as Corporal
Jack Lambert as Police Constable
Cyril Smith as Ticket Collector
Cecil Parker as Gr Cpt Bascombe
Simon Lack as Fl Lt Baldwin

crew details
Director: Cyril Frankel
Screenplay: Harold Buchman
Original novel – Stop at a Winner: R D Delderfield

production details
Country: UK
Studio: Coronado
Year of Release: 1961
Duration: 89 minutes

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