Follow A Star (Rank 1959, Norman Wisdom, June Laverick)

Follow A Star Norman Wisdom

Norman Wisdom, Jack Davies and Henry Blyth co-wrote the screenplay which expertly combined comedy, slapstick and sentiment and, wrote the Evening News at the time, “I dare say that Follow a Star is the best of the seven Norman Wisdom films.”

Wisdom provided himself with the tailor-made role of a pants-presser who aspires to become a pop singer. He attempts to advance his aspirations by forcing himself on fading singing star Jerry Desmonde who, discovering Wisdom actually possesses a fine singing voice, entices him to work as a dogsbody, on the pretext of giving him singing lessons. Desmonde revitalizes his career by secretly recording Wisdom’s singing and passing off the songs as his own. Wisdom’s singing teacher Hattie Jacques is unable to prove fraud because of his neurotic inability to sing when not in the company of his girlfriend June Laverick. But eventually there is a showdown on the stage of the London Palladium where Desmonde, who is miming to Wisdom’s singing, is unmasked and Wisdom wins through …

Robert Asher made a highly accomplished directorial debut on the picture, splendidly showcasing and smartly timing Wisdom’s surefire comedy routines and making the most out of the songs, among them the title number, The Square Sona and I Love You, written by Wisdom. Asher and Wisdom wasted no time in getting the show on the road with a hilarious opening scene of pants pressing and the comic momentum rarely relaxed. “Follow a Star,” said the Sunday Express, “exhibits Wisdom’s way with an audience with a shrewd cunning and a glossy expertise… if you like Wisdom, you will love it.”

Norman Wisdom as Norman Truscott
June Laverick as Judy
Jerry Desmonde as Vernon Carew
Hattie Jacques as Dymphna Dobson
Richard Wattis as Dr. Chatterway
Eddie Leslie as Harold Franklin
John Le Mesurier as Birkett
Sydney Tafler as Pendlebury
Fenella Fielding as Lady Finchington
Charles Heslop as The General
Joe Melia as Stage Manager
Ron Moody as Violinist

crew details
Director: Robert Asher
Writers: Jack Davies, Henry Blyth, Norman Wisdom

production details
Country: UK
Studio: Rank
Year of Release: 1959
Duration: 93 minutes

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