Foreign Correspondent (United Artists 1940, Joel McCrea Laraine Day)

Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent is classic Hitchcock. It is 1939 and Johnny Jones, a naive police reporter, is sent by his even more naive boss to cover a “crime” story that’s unfolding in Europe: the potential outbreak of a second world war. Unprepared for the dangerous political landscape he’s entering, Johnny manages to land smack in the middle of a spy ring that is masquerading as a peace organization.

Although Foreign Correspondent was filmed primarily in Hollywood, a second unit cameraman was sent to London and Amsterdam for location footage. Although he eventually reached Europe, his first ship was torpedoed and all his equipment lost.

Cast: Joel McCrea, George Sanders, Laraine Day, Robert Benchley, Harry Davenport, Edmund Gwenn, Herbert Marshall,

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Producer: Walter Wanger
Director of Photography: Rudolph Mate
Editors: Otho Lovering, Dorothy Spencer
Composer: Alfred Newman
Screenwriters: Robert Benchley, Charles Bennett, Joan Harrison, James Hilton
Production Designer: Alexander Golitzen

USA / United Artists / 120 minutes / 1940

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