Frankenstein Created Woman (1966, Peter Cushing, Susan Denberg)

Frankenstein Created Woman

In Frankenstein Created Woman Peter Cushing once again takes on the role of the tragically mad scientist with an almost gently psychotic interest in the transplanting of life. Here, he takes his obsession to new lengths when he decides that rather than just inculcate life in the bodies of the dead, he will transplant the very soul of a being into the body of another.

The soul in question is Hans (Robert Morris), a young man wrongfully accused of a crime and executed in a deliberate conspiracy.

The recipient of the soul is his girlfriend Christina (Susan Denberg a one-time Playboy centrefold), a horribly scarred young woman, who drowns herself when she learns of her lover’s fate.

With Frankenstein’s genius, not only is Hans’ soul transferred to Christina, but also her appearance is altered so that she becomes a blonde goddess. However, as Hans’ soul seeks revenge against those who framed him, so Christina becomes the goddess of death, finding, seducing then murdering the guilty. And now Frankenstein must decide what to do with his new creation.

UK / 1966 / Hammer

Director: Terence Fisher
Writer: Anthony Hinds

Cast: Peter Cushing, Susan Denberg, Thorley Walters, Robert Morris

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