French Kiss (1994 with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline)

USA / 1994

Director: Lawrence Kasdan
Writer: Adam Brooks

Cast: Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Timothy Hutton, Jean Reno, Susan Anbeh, François Cluzet

For fearful-of-flying Francophobe Kate (Meg Ryan), the knife is turned in the wound when her fiancé Charlie (Timothy Hutton) flies to Paris and promptly falls for a native (Susan Anbeh). Taking a deep breath, she sets off in pursuit, only to be assailed by a French jewel thief, Luc (Kevin Kline). The situation is set for a love/hate pursuit, a dance of partnerships and a few comic misunderstandings, partly pointed by the intervention in the development of Jean-Paul, a policeman (Jean Reno).

Lawrance Kasdan is a fine director with such good work under his belt as Body Heat , The Big Chill and Grand Canyon . French Kiss follows both When Harry Met Sally , the nonpareil of modern American courtship comedies, and Forget Paris , which took the genre to the proverbial city of romance for the first time in this generation of the genre. The playing off of the different actors here is the best fun of the movie, with Jean Reno giving an ample demonstration of how Frenchmen really talk, look and carry themselves.

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