Full Monty, The (1997, Robert Carlyle, Mark Addy)

The Full Monty

The Full Monty, Peter Cattaneo and Simon Beaufoy’s tale of unemployed Sheffield steelworkers putting on a striptease show hardly sounds like the stuff of cinema success but this low-budget film went on to storm the box office and become one of the most successful British films ever made, taking over £52 million in the UK alone.

Two unemployed friends Gaz (ROBERT CARLYLE), a bitter but devoted divorced father and Dave (MARK ADDY), an overweight but devoted husband, stumble upon a local Chippendales-like show popular with the local women, and decide that in order to make some quick cash, and as an antidote to the dole, they’ll start their own strip act. Picking up new recruits Gerald (TOM WILKINSON), Guy (HUGO SPEER), Lomper (STEVE HUISON) and Horse (PAUL BARBER) along the way, several dance lessons (and a now famous practice in a dole office queue) see the group ready to perform, aided by advance publicity that they will do ‘the full monty’ for their audience.

Cattaneo’s film skillfully interweaves laugh-out-loud scenes with the tragedy of unemployment in the prime of life and the subject of men pawning their dignity for economic survival, while the script from Simon Beaufoy delivers the right measure of social commentary on the plight of the unemployed in Thatcher’s Britain.

Robert Carlyle as Gaz
Mark Addy as Dave
William Snape as Nathan
Steve Huison as Lomper
Tom Wilkinson as Gerald
Paul Barber as Horse
Hugo Speer as Guy
Lesley Sharp as Jean
Emily Woof as Mandy
Deirdre Costello as Linda
Paul Butterworth as Barry
Dave Hill as Alan
Bruce Jones as Reg
Andrew Livingston as Terry
Vinny Dhillon as Sharon

crew details
Director: Peter Cattaneo
Writer: Simon Beaufoy

production details
Country: UK
Studio: Redwave – Channel 4- TCF
Year of Release: 1997
Duration: 91 minutes

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