Gideon Of Scotland Yard (1958, Jack Hawkins, Anna Lee)

Gideon Of Scotland Yard

In Gideon Of Scotland Yard Inspector Gideon’s (Jack Hawkins) day begins badly. A zealous constable issues him with a parking ticket, and Gideon has to accuse his colleague Detective Sergeant Kirby (Derek Bond) of accepting bribes.

Kirby is then the victim of a hit-and-run killing, which leads Gideon to the loan shark con artists Paul and Joanne Delafields (Ronald Howard and Dianne Foster). Joanne pulls a gun but the inspector disarms her while her husband flees. Meanwhile, a gang of society crooks is robbing a vault, and Gideon’s troubles are compounded by the discovery that the eager traffic cop who ticketed him is Simon (Andrew Ray), his daughter’s new boyfriend.

What could have been a routine thriller becomes a superior adventure in John Ford’s hands. Hawkins’ indomitable spirit survives and balances out the contrivances of plot which turn Gideon into a one-man army. Scriptwriter Clarke was the architect of the best Ealing Comedies, and used his experience as a former policeman to flesh out the detail.

Gideon was later turned into a TV series starring John Gregson.

UK / 1958

Director: John Ford
Writer: T.E.B. Clarke (from the novel by J.J. Marric)

Cast: Jack Hawkins, Anna Lee, Anna Massey, Frank Lawton, John Loder, Derek Bond, Andrew Ray,

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