Gilda (Columbia 1946, Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford)


Classic ’40s film noir Gilda stars RITA HAYWORTH as a seductive torch singer who raises the emotional temperature to dangerous heights when, she betrays her casino-owner husband and rekindles her former affair with his manager.

When Johnny Farrell (GLENN FORD) is attacked by thugs whom he has cheated with loaded dice on the Buenos Aires waterfront, he is saved by casino owner Ballin Mundson (GEORGE MACREADY) who subsequently offers him a job as a dealer. With the help of crafty washroom attendant Uncle Pio (STEVEN GERAY), Farrell rises to become the casino manager and Mundson’s confidant.

However, Farrell and Mundson’s beautiful wife Gilda (RITA HAYWORTH) had once been lovers: she had ended the affair. Mundson soon senses that the two knew each other previously and assigns Farrell to see that Gilda stays out of trouble. Then Mundson, working for an international Nazi-dominated organisation kills a German agent, escapes by plane, and is supposedly killed ln a crash. Gilda and Farrell marry – but Mundson, who is not dead, returns to confront and kill them both – but Uncle Pio intervenes…


Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford.

This now classic Forties film noir was attacked by critics on its initial release: not for the first time, paying audiences begged to differ from the people who saw films free and Gilda became one of the most financially successful movies of the year. Now it can be seen to be one of the most fascinating thrillers of its era and a landmark movie which made Hayworth a superstar and one of Hollywood’s most durable sex queens.

classic quote
“There never was a woman like Gilda!”

USA / Columbia / 110 minutes / 1946 black and white

Writer: Marion Parssenet / Adapted by Jo Eisinger / Story: E. A. Ellington / Cinematography: Rudolph Maye / Producer: Virginia Van Upp / Director: Charles Vidor

Cast: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready, Joseph Calleia, Steven Geray, Joseph Sawyer, Gerald Mohr, Robert Scott, Ludwig Donath

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