Great Garrick, The (Warner 1937, Brian Aherne, Olivia de Havilland)

The Great Garrick

Real-life 19th-century British actor David Garrick makes a disparaging remark aimed at French actors on the eve of visiting the Comedie Française in Paris. In retaliation, the company at the Comedie Française decide to embarrass the Great Garrick and send him back to Britain shamed and ridiculed.

Taking over the Adam and Eve Inn where Garrick is scheduled to stay, they put on an elaborate show designed to scare Garrick out of his wits. The great actor becomes suspicious and foils their plans, winning the heart of the Countess Germaine–the only guest at the Inn who is not involved in the actors’ machinations in the process.

The Great Garrick is the first of three films in which father and son actors Fritz Leiber and Fritz Leiber Jr. appeared together. Here they appear as Horatio and Fortinbras in a production of Hamlet.

Brian Aherne as David Garrick
Olivia de Havilland as Germaine
Edward Everett Horton as Tubby
Melville Cooper as M. Picard
Lionel Atwill as Beaumarchais
Luis Alberni as Basset
Lana Turner as Auber
Marie Wilson as Nicolle
Linda Perry as Molee
Fritz Leiber as Horatio
Fritz Leiber Jr as Fortinbras
Etienne Girardot as Jean Cabot
Dorothy Tree as Mme. Moreau
Craig Reynolds as M. Janin
Paul Everton as Innkeeper of Adam and Eve
Trevor Bardette as M. Noverre

crew details
Director: James Whale
Producer: Mervyn LeRoy
Director of Photography: Ernest Haller
Editor: Warren Low
Composer: Adolph Deutsch
Screenwriter: Ernest Vajda
Production Designer: Anton Grot

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Warner
Year of Release: 1937
Duration: 89 minutes

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