Harriet Craig (Columbia 1950, Joan Crawford, Wendell Corey)

Harriet Craig Joan Crawford 1950

Joan Crawford, in a dream role, plays shrewish, perfectionist Harriet Craig, who is so obsessively house-proud that she drives everyone around her crazy. She can’t resist trying to run people’s lives, and almost destroys her cousin’s romance. Then Mrs. Craig interferes in her husband’s career – until she goes too far.

In the end, she’s left alone with her true love: her spotlessly clean home. Though the premise sounds like campy fun (and indeed it has been satirized onstage), that stony Crawford visage makes Harriet a little too real.

Harriet Craig was the third film version of George Kelly’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a woman obsessed with cleanliness and order. Craig’s Wife (1936), the first adaptation, starred Rosalind Russell.

Joan Crawford as Harriet Craig
Wendell Corey as Walter Craig
Lucile Watson as Celia Fenwick
Allyn Joslyn as Billy Birkmire
William Bishop as Wes Miller
K.T. Stevens as Clare Raymond
Viola Roache as Mrs. Harold
Raymond Greenleaf as Henry Fenwick
Ellen Corby as Lottie

crew details
Director: Vincent Sherman
Producer: William Dozier
Original Story: George Kelly
Director of Photography: Joseph Walker
Editor: Viola Lawrence
Composer: George Duning
Screenwriters: Anne Froelick, James Gunn

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Columbia
Year of Release: 1950
Duration: 94 minutes

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