Hollywood Canteen (Warner 1944, Robert Hutton, Dane Clark)

Hollywood Canteen

Hollywood Canteen is a musical set in the USO nightclub where the biggest names in show business entertained the troops during WWII. The story revolves around a young G.I. (Robert Hutton) who has a crush on one of the female performers and is lucky enough to win a night out on the town with her when he’s named the Canteen’s millionth visitor. Watch for many guest stars, including Joan Crawford, Ida Lupino, Barbara Stanwyck, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, Jack Benny, and Roy Rogers. Plenty of the era’s greatest hits, too.

After the Screen Actors Guild expressed concern about Warner Bros. stars possibly being pressured into appearing in the movie for “patriotic reasons,” the performers agreed to play their cameo roles for minimum salary.

Acadamy Award Nominations: 3.

Robert Hutton as Cpl Slim Green
The Andrews Sisters as The Andrews Sisters
Jack Benny as Jack Benny
Joe E. Brown as Joe E. Brown
Eddie Cantor as Eddie Cantor
Kitty Carlisle as Kitty Carlisle
Jack Carson as Jack Carson
Dane Clark as Sgt. Nowland
Joan Crawford as Joan Crawford
Helmut Dantine as Helmut Dantine
Bette Davis as Bette Davis
Faye Emerson as Faye Emerson
Victor Francen as Victor Francen
John Garfield as John Garfield
Sydney Greenstreet as Sydney Greenstreet
Alan Hale as Alan Hale

crew details
Writer and Director: Delmer Daves
Producer: Alex Gottlieb
Director of Photography: Bert Glennon
Editor: Christian Nyby
Composer: Ray Heindorf
Production Designer: Leo K. Kuter

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Warner Bros
Year of Release: 1944
Duration: 124 minutes

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