I Confess (Warner 1953, Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter)

I Confess Montgomery Clift

I Confess is a minor Alfred Hitchcock crime drama with an interesting moral dilemma at its center. Montgomery Clift plays a young priest who hears the confession of a murderer who killed a blackmailer, a man who knew of Clift’s youthful affair with Anne Baxter. When the murderer ends up dead, Clift is accused of the crime, and torn between his vows of silence and the need to clear himself. Based on the play by Paul Anthelme.

Le Confessionnal, a 1995 Robert Lepage film, is full of Hitchcock references. One scene flashes back to a church in 1952 and shows a film crew working in the background, a reference to Hitchcock’s film crew setting up a shot for I Confess

Cast: Montgomery Clift, Brian Aherne, Anne Baxter, O.E. Hasse, Karl Malden

Producer and Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Original Story: Paul Anthelme
Director of Photography: Robert Burks
Editor: Rudi Fehr
Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin
Screenwriters: William Archibald, George Tabori
Production Designers: Ted Haworth, George James Hopkins

USA / Warner Bros. / 95 minutes / 1953

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