It Always Rains On Sunday (Ealing 1947, Googie Withers, John McCallum)

One of Ealing’s real drama gems and one of the best British movies of the 1940’s. It Always Rains on Sunday  helped pave the way for the kitchen sink school of realism as well as pre-date the style of TV play that would be the norm in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The story is about an escaped convict, Tommy Swan, who sees refuge in the home of his mistress, Rose Sandigate, who just happens to be married.

The leads were married in real life.

It Always Rains on Sunday

Googie Withers as Rose Sandigate
John McCallum as Tommy Swann
Edward Chapman as George Sandigate
Susan Shaw as Vi Sandigate
Patricia Plunkett as Doris Sandigate
David Liney as Alfie Sandigate
Sydney Tafler as Morry Hyams
Betty Ann Davies as Sadie, his wife
John Slater as Lou, his brother
Jane Hylton as Bessie, his sister
Meier Tzelniker as Solly, his father
Jimmy Hanley as Whitey
John Carol as Freddie
Alfie Bass as Dicey
Jack Warner as Det. Sergt. Fothergill

crew details
Writers: Angus MacPhail, Robert Hamer, Henry Cornelius
Novel: Arthur La Bern
Music: Georges Auric
Director: Robert Hamer

production details
Country: UK
Studio: Ealing
Year of Release: 1947
Duration: 92 minutes

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