Jason and the Argonauts (Columbia 1963, Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack)

Jason and the Argonauts

With incredible special effects from maestro Ray Harryhausen Jason and the Argonauts is based on the Greek legend of Jason’s search for the Golden Fleece and has been publicly venerated by none other than Tom Hanks as the best film ever made. It is generally considered as the greatest of all live action/animation composites.

As Jason (Todd Armstrong), son of King Aristo of Thessaly, goes in search of the Golden Fleece and its incredible healing powers, his progress is both helped and hindered by an array of Greek Gods on Mount Olympus.

Harryhausen really pushed the boat out with this extravaganza of effects creating a terrifying bronze titan and a swarm of sword-wielding skeletons in this epic production. The fight scene alone between seven skeletons and three actors took four and a half months to finish and so complicated was it that at times he could only produce less than a second of film a day.

Jason and the Argonauts

Todd Armstrong as Jason
Nancy Kovack as Medea
Gary Raymond as Acastus
Laurence Naismith as Argos
Niall MacGinnis as Zeus
Michael Gwynn as Hermes / Priest
Douglas Wilmer as Pelias
Jack Gwillim as King Aeetes
Honor Blackman as Hera
John Cairney as Hylas
Patrick Troughton as Phineas
Andrew Faulds as Phalerus
Nigel Green as Hercules

crew details
Director: Don Chaffey
Special Effects: Ray Harryhausen
Writers: Beverley Cross, Jan Read

production details
Country: UK, USA
Studio: Columbia
Year of Release: 1963
Duration: 104 minutes

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