Jeremiah Johnson (Warner 1972, Robert Redford, Will Geer)

Robert Redford stars as the title character, a man who flees civilization for the wilderness in the mid-1800’s. Despite a constant struggle to survive challenges from nature and the local Indians, he becomes one with his surroundings.

This is a beautifully photographed and atmospheric film that no nature buff, or Redford fan, will want to miss. Man’s-man film writer-director John Milius must have contributed the notion of the spiritual peace found in the battle with nature.

When Jeremiah Johnson ran over budget, director Sidney Pollack mortgaged his home to complete filming. His gamble paid off, the film was one of the biggest hits of the year.

Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson

Cast: Robert Redford, Will Geer, Allyn McLerie, Paul Benedict

Director: Sydney Pollack
Producer: Joe Wizan
Director of Photography: Duke Callaghan
Editor: Thomas Stanford
Screenwriters: Edward Anhalt, John Milius
Production Designer: Ted Haworth

USA / Warner Bros. / 116 minutes / 1972

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