Kid Glove Killer (MGM 1942, Van Heflin, Lee Bowman)

Kid Glove Killer 1942

Hard-boiled murder mystery Kid Glove Killer was Van Heflin’s first role and the great director Fred Zinnemann’s first stint in the director’s chair. Heflin plays a relentless police pathologist on the trail of the mayor’s slayer. He comes smack up against star lawyer Litel and his attention to detail just might cost him his life. Look for an early Ava Gardner bit part as a carhop.

Before he made his feature film debut on Kid Glove Killer, director Zinnemann had helmed several shorts in the “Crime Does Not Pay” series of short films. He would go on to direct such classics as High Noon (1952).

Cast: Van Heflin, Lee Bowman, Marsha Hunt, Samuel S. Hinds, Eddie Quillan, Ava Gardner,

Director: Fred Zinnemann
Producer: Jack Chertok
Director of Photography: Paul Vogel
Editor: Ralph E. Winters
Composer: David Snell
Screenwriters: John C. Higgins, Allen Rivkin
Production Designer: Edwin B. Willis

USA / MGM / 74 minutes / 1942

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