Kings Row (Warner 1942, Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan)

Kings Row

Kings Row offered up the highest expression of the soap-opera device of tearing the facade from small-town life to discover the seething pit of rivalries, petty jealousies, and squalid affairs that lie beneath.

In pre-WWI mid-America, two young men (Ronald Reagan and Robert Cummings) grow tangled roots in a small town touched by madness and murder. Considered to be Reagan’s best screen performance.

Cinematographer James Wong Howe gave production designer William Cameron Menzies full credit for the look of Kings Row: “He did the sketches for the shots; he’d tell you how high the camera should be. I simply followed orders.”

Cast: Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan, Judith Anderson, Charles Coburn, Robert Cummings, Betty Field, Claude Rains,

Director: Sam Wood
Producer: David Lewis
Director of Photography: James Wong Howe
Editor: Ralph Dawson
Composer: Erich Wolfgang Korngold
Screenwriter: Casey Robinson
Art Director: Carl Jules Weyl

USA / Warner Bros. / 127 minutes / 1942

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