Lady in Question, The (Columbia 1940, Rita Hayworth, Brian Aherne)

In The Lady in Question, Parisian beauty Natalie (Rita Hayworth) is on trial for the murder of a friend. Bicycle shop owner Andre Morestan (Brian Aherne) is taken with the sympathetic woman and convinces the jury of her innocence. Once she is acquitted, he offers her a job in his shop, the caveat being that she must use an assumed name.

Meanwhile, Andre’s son Pierre knows the full story, having snuck into the trial without his father’s knowledge. He falls in love with Natalie. Numerous complications arise, involving multiple members of the Morestan family and a slimy boyfriend, before this classic romance reaches its conclusion.

The Lady in Question, directed by Charles Vidor, is the first of numerous romances for famous Hollywood on-screen couple Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. The two starred together in many other films, including several directed by Vidor.

The Lady In Question Lobby Card

Cast: Rita Hayworth, Brian Aherne, Glenn Ford, Lloyd Corrigan, George Coulouris, Evelyn Keyes, Edward Norris, Irene Rich

Director: William Castle, Charles Vidor
Producer: B. B. Kahane
Original Story: Marcel Achard
Director of Photography: Lucien Andriot
Editor: Al Clark
Composer: Lucien Moraweck
Screenwriter: Lewis Meltzer
Art Director: Lionel Banks

USA / Columbia / 80 minutes / 1940 black and white

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