Last Tycoon, The (Paramount 1976, Robert De Niro, Tony Curtis)

The Last Tycoon

This has everything going for it: an unfinished story by F. Scott Fitzgerald; a terrific lineup of international stars, including De Niro, Mitchum, Moreau, Curtis, Milland and Nicholson; a script by renowned playwright Harold Pinter; and direction from Elia Kazan. But the backstage Hollywood story (loosely based on the career of prototypical producer Irving Thalberg) never rises above the level of expensive potboiler. Fascinating for the movie fan who wants a glimpse of early Hollywood and stars working harder than they should.

The Last Tycoon is Elia Kazan’s last feature film. He is known for having provided vehicles to stardom for such actors as Marlon Brando with “A Streetcar Named Desire” (1951) and James Dean with “East of Eden” (1955).

Academy Award Nomination for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration.

Robert De Niro as Monroe Stahr
Tony Curtis as Rodriguez
Robert Mitchum as Pat Brady
Jeanne Moreau as Didi
Jack Nicholson as Brimmer
Donald Pleasence as Boxley
Ray Milland as Fleishacker
Dana Andrews as Red Ridingwood
Ingrid Boulting as Kathleen Moore
Peter Strauss as Wylie
Theresa Russell as Cecilia Brady
Tige Andrews as Popolos
Morgan Farley as Marcus
John Carradine as Tour Guide
Jeff Corey as Doctor

crew details
Director: Elia Kazan
Writer: Harold Pinter
F. Scott Fitzgerald (Novel)
Victor J. Kemper (Director of Photography)
Maurice Jarre (Composer)
Gene Callahan (Production Designer)

production details
Year of Release: 1976
Studio: Paramount
Country: USA
Duration: 125 minutes

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