Macarthur (Universal 1979, Gregory Peck, Dan O’Herlihy)

MacArthur 1979 Gregory Peck

What began as an attempt to repeat the success of Patton (1970) resulted in an admiring Hollywood biopic, greatly enhanced by a spirited and introspective performance by Gregory Peck as the flamboyant, controversial, and brilliant general MacArthur.

Framed by his West Point farewell speech (“Old soldiers never die . . . they just fade away . . . “), flashbacks capture his career, including recreations of the famous landing in the Philippines and the Japanese surrender on the battleship Missouri, as well as the ultimate showdown with Harry Truman (Flanders) that led to his dismissal.

Initially, actor Gregory Peck had little sympathy for the subject of the move. He hated the general so intensely he had difficulty finding the motivation to accept the role. However, while making the film he learned to respect the man.

Cast: Gregory Peck, Dan O’Herlihy (as Roosevelt), Ed Flanders (as Truman), Ward Costello, Marj Dusay, Ivan Bonar,

Director: Joseph Sargent
Producer: Frank McCarthy
Director of Photography: Mario Tosi
Editor: George Jay Nicholson
Composer: Jerry Goldsmith
Screenwriters: Hal Barwood, Matthew Robbins
Art Director: John Robert Lloyd

USA / Universal / 130 minutes / 1979

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