Mackenna’s Gold (Columbia 1969, Omar Sharif, Gregory Peck)

Mackenna’s Gold was one of the last of the traditional Westerns, with Gregory Peck as Sheriff Mackenna, the only person who knows the location of a legendary canyon of gold coveted by a Mexican bandit (Omar Sharif), countless prospectors, and Apaches. The Apaches want the gold to fight the white men, despite a decree from their elders, while Sharif is only looking for an easy ticket to Paris.

Well-populated with wonderful actors in small roles (Lee J. Cobb, Edward G. Robinson, Raymond Massey, Burgess Meredith, and Julie Newmar as an Apache maiden), the movie failed to impress the critics Vincent Canby called it “a western of truly stunning absurdity, a thriving example of the old Hollywood maxim about how to succeed by failing big.” and Judith Christ thought that “Twelve-year-olds of all ages might tolerate it.”

The musical score for was a result of an unusual collaboration between composers Quincy Jones and Dimitri Tiomkin. Tiomkin also served as producer on the film.

Mackenna's Gold

Cast: Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas, Camilla Sparv, Keenan Wynn, Julie Newmar, Ted Cassidy, Eduardo Ciannelli, Eli Wallach, Edward G. Robinson, Raymond Massey, Burgess Meredith, Anthony Quayle, Lee J. Cobb

Director: J. Lee Thompson
Producers: Carl Foreman, Dimitri Tiomkin
Director of Photography: Joseph MacDonald
Editor: Bill Lenny
Composers: Quincy Jones, Dimitri Tiomkin
Screenwriter: Carl Foreman
Production Designer: Geoffrey Drake

USA / Columbia / 128 minutes / 1969

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