Mad About Music (Universal 1938, Deanna Durbin, Herbert Marshall)

Mad About Music

Mad About Music was a popular Durbin vehicle in which she plays a film star’s daughter who gets shipped off to a posh Swiss boarding school.

Prohibited from revealing her true parentage, she concocts the story of a fantasy father, an explorer and big-game hunter. When her bluff is endangered, Durbin enlists the help of a kind vacationing composer (Marshall) to masquerade as the great man.

Remade in 1956 as Toy Tiger with Jeff Chandler in the role of the fantasy father.

Deanna Durbin received a special Oscar for both Mad About Music and That Certain Age (also 1938) for “her significant contribution in bringing to the screen the spirit and personification of her youth.

Mad About Music

Cast: Deanna Durbin, Herbert Marshall, Gail Patrick, Arthur Treacher, William Frawley, Marcia Mae Jones, Helen Parrish, Jackie Moran

Director: Norman Taurog
Screenwriters: Felix Jackson, Bruce Manning
Producer: Joe Pasternak
Director of Photography: Joseph A. Valentine

Production Companies: Universal
Release Date: 27 February 1938
Running Time: 100 minutes
Genres: Musical Comedy
Country: USA

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