Magic Christian, The (Grand Film 1970, Peter Sellers, Racquel Welch)

Magic Christian

In surreal movie The Magic Christian a homeless man (Ringo Starr) is adopted by the world’s richest man, Sir Guy Grand (Peter Sellers). When they set sail on Grand’s luxury boat, the hobo discovers a world of avarice and greed, where people will do anything just to get their hands on a little bit of money. Around him, famous celebrities as well as little people” indulge in embarrassing acts as Grand proves to his “son” that wealth is not everything. Roman Polanski, Yul Brynner and John Cleese appear in small cameo roles.”

The song Come and Get It featured in the movie and was written and produced by Paul McCartney and was the first international hit from the pop group Badfinger. Signed to the Beatles’ own label Apple, Badfinger was conceived as the heir to the Beatle’s throne and scored quite a few hits in the first part of the 1970’s.

Magic Christian Raquel Welch

Peter Sellers as Sir Guy Grand
Ringo Starr as Youngman Grand
Isabel Jeans as Dame Agnes Grand
Caroline Blakiston as Hon. Esther Grand
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Captain Reginald K. Klaus
Richard Attenborough as Oxford Coach
Leonard Frey as Laurence Faggot
Laurence Harvey as Hamlet
Christopher Lee as Ship’s Vampire
Spike Milligan as Traffic Warden 27
Roman Polanski as Solitary Drinker
Raquel Welch as Priestess of the Whip
Tom Boyle as My Man Jeff
Victor Maddern as Hot Dog Vendor
Terence Alexander as Mad Major

crew details
Director: Joseph McGrath
Producer: Denis O’Dell
Director of Photography: Geoffrey Unsworth
Editor: Kevin Connor
Composer: Ken Thorne
Screenwriters: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Joseph McGrath
Production Designer: Assheton Gorton

production details
Country: UK
Network and Production Companies: A Grand Film
Year of Release: 1969
Duration: 101 minutes

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