Michael Shayne, Private Detective (TCF 1940, Lloyd Nolan, Marjorie Weaver)

Michael Shayne Private Detective made in 1940 with Lloyd Nolan and Marjorie Weaver

Lloyd Nolan stars in this kickoff entry of the “Michael Shayne” detective series as the titular Irish-American private eye. Low on funds, Shayne jumps at a job offered by a wealthy buddy (Clarence Kolb), although it’s not really to his liking: He’s assigned to keep an eye on the man’s compulsive gambler daughter, Phyllis (Marjorie Weaver).

Before long, Phyllis’s boyfriend (George Meeker), the flunky to a gambling boss (Douglas Dumbrille), has been murdered and wise-guy Shayne is the chief suspect. But with the help of Phyllis’s eccentric aunt (Elizabeth Patterson), he’s soon on the trail of the real killer.

Michael Shayne, Private Detective was created by Brett Halliday but a Philip Marlowe story by celebrated mystery writer Raymond Chandler was turned into one Shayne entry, Time to Kill (1942).

Cast: Lloyd Nolan, Marjorie Weaver, Clarence Kolb, Walter Abel, Douglass Dumbrille, Donald MacBride, Elizabeth Patterson, Joan Valerie,

Director: Eugene Forde
Producer: Sol M. Wurtzel
Original Story: Brett Halliday
Director of Photography: George Schneiderman
Editor: Alfred DeGaetano
Composer: Cyril J. Mockridge
Screenwriters: Manning O’Connor, Stanley Rauh
Art Director: Lewis H. Creber, Richard Day

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 77 minutes / 1940

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