Mister 880 (TCF 1950, Edmund Gwenn, Burt Lancaster)

Mister 880

Warm romance Mister 880 features a fine comedic performance for Edmund Gwenn as a cheerful counterfeiter who cranks out one-dollar bills mostly for the love of printing on his beloved press, nicknamed “Cousin Henry.”

Burt Lancaster, a Treasury agent, is assigned the case, and he tracks one of those dollar bills to Gwenn’s attractive neighbor (Dorothy McGuire), who he romances, and eventually to the counterfeiter himself, forcing a decision about whether to prosecute the kindly old man.

Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor: Edmund Gwenn.

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Edmund Gwenn, Dorothy McGuire, Larry Keating, Minor Watson

Director: Edmund Goulding
Producer: Julian C. Blaustein
Original Story: St. Clair McKelway
Director of Photography: Joseph LaShelle
Editor: Robert Fritch
Composer: Lionel Newman
Screenwriter: Robert Riskin
Production Designers: George W. Davis, Lyle Wheeler

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 90 minutes / 1950

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