National Lampoon’s Animal House (TCF 1978, John Belushi, Kevin Bacon)

National Lampoon's Animal House

John Landis made his name with low budget gross-out comedy National Lampoon’s Animal House that scored big at the box office and spawned an entire genre of copycats.

The story centers around the Deltas, a wild and depraved fraternity on the campus of Faber College. Dean Vernon Wermer is determined to rid the school of the social blight that is the Delta House and puts the entire fraternity on “Double Secret Probation.” The action sets the stage for a mass expulsion and a wild revenge caper on the part of the Deltas. Ultimately though, the story is beside the point.

The heart of “Animal House” is the showcasing of fraternity life in all its unvarnished glory. The Deltas are blissfully indifferent with the consequences of their actions as they throw wild toga parties, take road trips in borrowed cars, and take advantage of the opposite sex. John Belushi remains an enduring icon for his performance, a whirlwind of guitar smashing, whiskey drinking, food throwing, and unabashed voyeurism.

Cast: John Belushi, Verna Bloom, Stephen Furst, Tom Hulce, Karen Allen, Kevin Bacon, Tim Matheson, Mark Metcalf, Donald Sutherland, John Vernon

Director: John Landis
Producers: Ivan Reitman, Matty Simmons
Editors: George Folsey Jr., Richard Meyer, Ann Mills
Cinematographers: Charles Correll, Philip Lathrop

USA / Twentieth Century Fox / 109 minutes / 1978

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