No Down Payment (TCF 1957, Joanne Woodward, Sheree North)

No Down Payment

Martin Ritt’s second feature No Down Payment depicts the lives led by wage slaves who live from paycheck to paycheck in the faceless suburbs created by the postwar housing boom. Though the houses look the same, the lives within are twisted with economic woes, marriages on the rocks, alcoholism, even rape and murder.

Director Ritt was blacklisted in Hollywood in the early 1950s and turned to teaching at New York’s Actors Studio, where his students included a young actress named Joanne Woodward, whom he would later direct here.

Joanne Woodward as Leola Boone
Sheree North as Isabelle Flagg
Tony Randall as Jerry Flagg
Jeffrey Hunter as David Martin
Cameron Mitchell as Troy Boone
Patricia Owens as Jean Martin
Barbara Rush as Betty Kreitzer
Pat Hingle as Herman Kreitzer
Robert H. Harris as Markham
Aki Aleong as Iko
Jim Hayward as Mr. Burnett

crew details
Director: Martin Ritt
Screenplay: John McPartland, Philip Yordan
Original Story: John McPartland

production details
Country: USA
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Year of Release: 1957
Duration: 105 minutes

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