And Now Tomorrow (Paramount 1944, Alan Ladd, Loretta Young)

In And Now Tomorrow Merek Vance (Alan Ladd) is an impoverished doctor working to cure the wealthy Emily Blair (Loretta Young) of her deafness in this romance from a novel by Rachel Field.

Vance falls in love with Emily but faces defeat when the serum he develops doesn’t work. Making matters more dramatic, Emily’s sister Janice (Susan Hayward) is having an affair with Emily’s fiancee. Director Irving Pichel piles on the melodrama in the best Field tradition.

And Now Tomorrow marked hard-boiled novelist Raymond Chandler’s debut in Hollywood as a screenwriter.

And Now Tomorrow Lobby Card

Cast: Alan Ladd, Loretta Young, Beulah Bondi, Susan Hayward, Barry Sullivan,

Director: Irving Pichel
Producer: Fred Kohlmar
Directors of Photography: Farciot Edouart, Daniel Fapp
Editor: Duncan Mansfield
Composer: Victor Young
Screenwriters: Raymond Chandler, Frank Partos
Costume Designer: Edith Head

USA / Paramount / 85 minutes / 1944 black and white

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