Odessa File, The (Columbia 1974 with Jon Voight, Derek Jacobi and Maximillian Schell)

The Odessa File Jon Voight

In The Odessa File, following the suicide of an elderly Jewish man, investigative journalist Peter Miller (Jon Voight) sets out to hunt down an SS Captain and former concentration camp commander (Maximillian Schell). In doing so he discovers that, despite allegations of war crimes, the former commander has become a man of importance in industry in post-war Germany, protected from prosecution by a powerful organisation of former SS members called ODESSA. Miller’s hunt for the truth becomes increasingly dangerous as he begins to uncover connections not only with this secret organization, but also with the Israeli secret service and his own family.

A tense action thriller that presents post-war Germany as a fearful place of secret conspirators struggling to come to terms with its recent past.

Interesting credit on the soundtrack front though!

Cast: Jon Voight, Maximillian Schell, Maria Schell, Derek Jacobi, Mary Tamm, Peter Jeffrey, Noel Willman,

Director: Ronald Neame
Producer: John Woolf
Screenwriter: Kenneth Ross, adapted from the novel by Frederick Forsyth
Director of Photography: Oswald Morris
Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Production Design: Rolf Zehetbauer

UK / Columbia – Domino – Oceanic / 129 minutes / 1974

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