Pair Of Briefs, A (1963, Michael Craig, Mary Peach)

A Pair of Briefs

In comedy A Pair of Briefs Michael Craig, newly called to the Bar, is briefed to plead with pathetic Brenda De Banzie who wishes to have her conjugal rights with Ron Moody. Mary Peach, who was also recently called to the Bar and is from the same chambers as Craig, opposes him.

De Banzie claims they were married during the war but the witnesses vanished and the registrar’s records were destroyed. She claims, too, that she lost her memory and, with it, Moody. On regaining her memory, she sought out Moody who denies ever being married to De Banzie.

The professional courtroom bickerings of Craig and Peach are firmly frowned upon by choleric judge James Robertson Justice, who threatens to take action against the brawling barristers. And De Banzie loses the case. Peach immediately puts an appeal in motion but Craig discovers De Banzie and Moody never divorced and she now is “married” to a wealthy man – and merely brought the case to ensure the shady Moody could never legally make a claim on her again. And, unsurprisingly, Justice turns out to have a soft heart and acts as cupid to unite Craig and Peach.

UK / 1963 black and white

Director: Ralph Thomas
Writer: Nicholas Phipps, from the play How Say You? by Harold Brooke and Kay Bannerman

Cast: Michael Craig, Mary Peach, Brenda De Banzie, James Robertson Justice, Roland Culver, Liz Fraser, Ron Moody,

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