Perfect Specimen, The (Warner 1937, Errol Flynn, Joan Blondell)

Perfect Specimen 1937 Errol Flynn and Joan Blondell

In The Perfect Specimen Errol Flynn, in his only comic turn, plays a sheltered millionaire living a life of ease in his secluded mansion, awaiting the day when he will take over the family business.

Hoping to nab an exclusive story, a woman reporter (the bustling Joan Blondell) penetrates the mansion and returns with the heir to the outside world.

Though the police believe he’s been kidnapped, he relishes his time spent among the unwashed masses with the journalist. A curiosity (comedy wasn’t Curtiz’s forte, either) but good fun.

Cast: Errol Flynn, Joan Blondell, James Burke, Hugh Herbert, Edward Everett Horton, Allen Jenkins, May Robson

Director: Michael Curtiz
Screenwriters: Fritz Falkenstein, Brewster Morse, Norman Reilly Raine, Lawrence Riley
Production Designer: Robert Hass
Producers: Harry Joe Brown, Hal B. Wallis
Original Story: Samuel Hopkins Adams
Directors of Photography: Jack A. Marta, Charles Rosher Jr.
Composer: Heinz Roemheld

USA / Warner / 97 minutes / 1937

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