Porky’s (Melvin Simon 1981, Don Monahan, Kim Cattrall)

Porky's 1981

In Porky’s it’s larks and lust at Angel Beach High, Florida, in the early 1960’s. Following their failure to get the satisfaction they require from it, the guys fight a running battle with the local bawdy house of the title, climaxing in its demolition. The useful family connections of one of the guys mean that the overweight and therefore morally bankrupt proprietor cannot even get justice. The chicks cheerlead the audience in support of the triumph of youthful high spirits.

Almost single-handed, Bob Clark’s joyfully immoral romp re-invented the youth movie, cleaned up at the American box office and generated a series of progressively more raucous sequels. One might wonder what such popularity has to say about teenage morality and taste in the early 1980s or how the executives who backed it and exploited it would have reacted if their own kids carried on like this. But there’s no gainsaying that it worked. That the movie touches so many bases of kids’ sensibilities, even while having little constructive to say about them, must have formed the connection that kept the punters coming.

Though mostly reporting back for at least the first couple of the sequels, the members of the cast have not thrived as individual players, strikingly unlike the hugely successful kids from American Graffiti which Porky’s in some ways resembles though certainly not in tone. Oddly enough Clark’s smash was a Canadian project, besting United States movie companies at their own game.

Dan Monahan as Pee Wee
Mark Herrier as Billy
Wyatt Knight as Tommy
Roger Wilson as Mickey
Cyril O’Reilly as Tim
Tony Ganios as Meat
Kaki Hunter as Wendy
Kim Cattrall as Honeywell
Nancy Parsons as Balbricker
Scott Colomby as Brian Schwartz
Boyd Gaines as Coach Brackett
Doug McGrath as Coach Warren
Susan Clark as Cherry Forever
Art Hindle as Ted Jarvis
Wayne Maunder as Cavanaugh

crew details
Writer and Director: Bob Clark

production details
Country: Canada, USA
Studio: Melvin Simon
Year of Release: 1981
Duration: 94 minutes

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