Pride and Prejudice (MGM 1940, Laurence Olivier, Greer Garson)

Jane Austen’s classic comedy of manners Pride and Prejudice is vividly adapted with a charming cast. Five sisters in 19th-century England are all concerned with finding a husband. The most opinionated of the lot (Greer Garson) rejects a man who has been chosen for her (Laurence Olivier) because she finds him full of pride. She changes her mind and wins him when she acknowledges her own pride is hindering her happiness. Huxley was among the writers of the screenplay.

Pride and Prejudice was co-scripted by Aldous Huxley, who garnered his first Hollywood screen credit with the film. He would write only two more screenplays for the studios.

Pride and Prejudice 1940

Cast: Laurence Olivier, Greer Garson, Edmund Gwenn, Mary Boland, Melville Cooper, Edna May Oliver, Karen Morley, Frieda Inescort, Bruce Lester, Edward Ashley, Ann Rutherford, Maureen O’Sullivan, E. E. Clive, Heather Angel, Marsha Hunt,

Director: Robert Z. Leonard
Producer: Hunt Stromberg
Director of Photography: Karl Freund
Editor: Robert Kern
Composer: Herbert Stothart
Screenwriter: Aldous Huxley, Jane Murfin,
Production Designer: Cedric Gibbons

USA / MGM / 118 minutes / 1940

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