Prince And The Pauper, The (1977, Oliver Reed, Racquel Welch)

Prince And The Pauper

Sumptuous re-telling of the classic tale The Prince And The Pauper featuring an all-star cast. Young Tom Canty is a poor English boy who bears a remarkable resemblance to the son of King Henry VIII, Prince Edward.

When the two boys meet and discover the resemblance they plan to swap places temporarily as a prank. However, when they are separated, they are forced to live each other’s lives. Edward must find a way to prove that he is the rightful heir, while Tom, after initially enjoying the luxury of the court, yearns to escape its restrictions and return to his family.

UK / 1977

Director: Richard Fleischer
Writers: Berta Dominguez, George MacDonald Fraser

Cast: Oliver Reed, Raquel Welch, Mark Lester, Ernest Borgnine, George.C. Scott, Rex Harrison, David Hemmings, Harry Andrews, Julian Orchard, Murray Melvin, Lalla Ward, Felicity Dean, Sybil Danning