Quicksand (United Artists 1950, Mickey Rooney, Jeanne Cagney)


Brisk, hard-nosed crime drama Quicksand depicts a simple man who sinks deeper into criminality when he falls for the wrong girl. Mickey Rooney, a garage mechanic, dips into the till for 20 bucks so he can score with Jeanne Cagney (Jimmy’s sister). When the auditor comes early, Rooney scrambles for the money, starting the dominoes falling toward a shoot-out with the cops.

Peter Lorre depicts a shady carnival operator; this was meant to be the start of a multipicture collaboration between Rooney and Lorre, surely one of the oddest-couple business partnerships in Hollywood. This was the only result of the deal.

Movie fans may recall the mellifluous voice of Irving Pichel, director of Quicksand, from his many acting roles and contributions as narrator of four John Ford movies, including How Green Was My Valley (1941).

Mickey Rooney as Dan
Jeanne Cagney as Vera
Barbara Bates as Helen
Peter Lorre as Nick
Taylor Holmes as Harvey
Art Smith as Mackey
Wally Cassell as Chuck
Richard Lane as Lt. Nelson
Patsy O’Connor as Millie
John Gallaudet as Moriarity
Minerva Urecal as Landlady
Sidney Marion as Shorty
Jimmie Dodd as Buzz
Lester Dorr as Baldy
Kitty O’Neil as Madame Zaronga

crew details
Director: Irving Pichel
Screenplay: Robert Smith

production details
Country: USA
Studio: United Artists
Year of Release: 1950
Duration: 79 minutes

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