REC 3: Genesis (2012, Laticia Dolera, Diego Martin)

[REC]³: Genesis

A couple’s wedding day turns horrific as some of the guests start showing signs of a strange illness. Director Paco Plaza’s violent horror sequel, in which carnage is wreaked at a wedding reception after an infection transforms victims into zombies. Everything seems to be going wonderfully well at Clara (Laticia Dolera) and Koldo’s (Diego Martin) wedding. But when one of the guests tumbles from a balcony, events take a shocking turn… Infected guests are transmuted into flesh-eating zombies, compelling the bride and groom to – literally – fight to save their marriage.

[REC]³: Genesis – the third film in the franchise initiated by Plaza alongside Jaume Balagueró – reveals events that take place elsewhere from the bloody mayhem of the apartment block from the first two films in the franchise. The central conceit of the other [Rec] films featuring PoV found footage is largely eschewed for this outing as the seemingly perfect celebration spirals into bloody chaos. Also starring Alex Monner.

Leticia Dolera as Clara
Diego Martín as Koldo
Ismael Martínez as Rafa
Àlex Monner as Adrián
Borja Glez. Santaola… as Atún
David Ramírez as Canon
Miguel Ángel Gonzále… as John Esponja
Ramón Agirre as Danilo
Xavier Ruano as Cura
José de la Cruz as Abuelo Matías
Antonio Barroso as Pequeñín
Toni Sans as Jumanji
Aitor Legardón as Amigo Fiestero
Paco Moreno as Charly

production details
Country: Spain
Year of Release: 2012
Duration: 120 minutes

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