Reivers, The (National 1969, Steve McQueen)

The Reivers Steve McQueen

The Reivers, a turn-of-the-century adventure tale with nostalgic good humor was written by William Faulkner. The arrival of Will Geer’s new Winton automobile in a Mississippi town sets off a boisterous trip to Memphis when Geer’s son (Mitch Vogel), chauffeur (Steve McQueen), and a black relation (Rupert Crosse) borrow the car. While McQueen looks up an old acquaintance (Sharon Farrell) in a bordello and Vogel learns a little street wisdom, Crosse trades the car for a racehorse.

Juano Hernandez, who plays Uncle Possum in The Reivers, came to acting by a circuitous route, beginning as a boxer, performing with circuses, moving on to vaudeville, then working as a radio scriptwriter before winning his first stage roles.

Academy Award Nominations: Best Suppporting Actor: Rupert Crosse; Best Score.

Cast: Steve McQueen, Sharon Farrell, Will Geer, Rupert Crosse, Mitch Vogel, Michael Constantine, Juano Hernandez, Clifton James

Director: Mark Rydell
Producer: Irving Ravetch
Original Story: William Faulkner
Director of Photography: Richard Moore
Editor: Thomas Stanford
Composer: John T. Williams
Screenwriters: Harriet Frank Jr., Irving Ravetch
Special Effects: Paul Pollard
Art Directors: Charles Bailey, Joel Schiller
Set Designer: Raymond Molyneaux

USA / National General / 107 minutes / 1969

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